Le Terrazze Design Hotel Residence is identifiable at first glance by its particular architectural structure, modern atmosphere and design,  large, stunning, sloping terraces, all that green that goes up to the stairs and explodes from the roof gardens and windowsills.

As a part of the Polyfunctional Centre Le Terrazze of Villorba (Treviso), the structure was designed by the internationally renowned orchitect, Marco Piva.

We may host you for just a night or for a long stay.  Thanks to the “hotel” or “residence” formula, the large selection of services, and close, convenient parking, Le Terrazze Design Hotel Residence is the perfect match between hospitality and functionality.

The Hotel offers Prestige rooms, which are particularly large and bright and full of all comforts and amenities: From business rooms for frequent work travellers to relaxing rooms for those who choose Le Terrazze to experience moments of pure well-being.

Thanks to its fully-equipped wellness centre and to a restaurant that accurately provides for their clients’ tastes, the Hotel is able to host the very best of every kind of client.

Le Terrazze Restaurant is the finest place for a business lunch, a delicious dinner, a special pizza, or just a high quality glass of wine to drink in the Enoteca Area.

Thanks to the large, fully-equipped meeting rooms and to the presence of a very fast and stable Wi-Fi network, in both the public areas and the rooms, Le Terrazze Design Hotel Residence is particulary loved by business clients.

Le Terrazze Design Hotel Residence also offers its Residence formula for the people who desire to live in a modern, well-designed complex that combines beauty and relaxation.

Enjoy the panoramic view from one of the new, amazing penthouses of the Le Terrazze Design Hotel Residence.

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Via Roma, 72/A-B
31020 Villorba Treviso
Latitude: 45.717847
Longitude: 12.278099
Telefono +39 0422.912003
Fax +39 0422.1832947