ENJOY 360° 


Did you lose your Smartphone charger? Did you forget your contact lenses? Do you live in the Residence and want to have your favourite coffee or icecream? All around Le Terrazze Design Hotel Residence you can find everything you desire. Whatever you are looking for, you just have to look over your panoramic terrace view to see all of the services available to you. For example, inside of the Poli-functional Centre, you will find a famous cocktail bar for drinks and comraderie. And in the surroudings, you will find shops to satisfy every desire.

Local shops and facilities:

  • sportswear store 300 m away
  • outlet 750 m away
  • footwear store 1,1km away
  • artisanal shirtmaker shop 1,2 km away
  • perfume shop 2,2 km away
  • bookshop 2,7 km away
  • supermarket 2,7 km away