Le Terrazze Design Hotel Residence is located in the province of Treviso, a territory that combines a breathtaking panorama with stunning art, history, nature, hospitality, and exquisite food. To enjoy the surroundings, you can follow those itineraries.


The Marchland of Treviso has a great artistic heritage. The entire province is sprinkled with museums, churchs, historical buildings, palaces, and old-hearted towns. You will absolutely love Asolo, the “city of hundred views”, one of the pearls of Veneto. In the village of Susegana, you can visit the San SalvatoreCastle, one of the most beautifull Italian aristocratic mansions.

On the west side of the province, from the Pedemontana del Grappa and Castelfranco Venetoyou will find the “The Architectural Route”, a long, agreeable combination of churchs, palaces, villas and ancient mansions, old villages, and modern and industrial architecture. An itinerary which covers a thousand years of history and a collection of famous names, like Palladio, Veronese, Vittoria, Canova (born just in this area, in the village of Passagno), and Carlo Scarpa. We suggest you visit two of the architectural masterpieces of Andrea Palladio: Villa Emo in Fanzolo of Vedelago and Villa Barbaro in Maser.


Treviso has such varied natural views: From the sweet hills of Prosecco to the Prealpi Trevigiane, from the Montello and Cansiglio woods to the Piave river!

You can easily discover the nature around Treviso by bicycle. Treviso has been described as “the most suitable for cycling province of Italy”.The Panoramica of Montello, for example, is perfect for bicycle training, because of its stunning view of the Piace valley.

Over the Piave, which was the location of many important events during World War I, the province of Treviso is cut through by two more rivers: the Livenza and the Sile, Europe’s longest underground river, which actually is a Natural Regional Park.

In this area you may also play other outdoor activities, such as trekking, golf, rowing, or paragliding.

We are just on the backside of Venice, and it is impossibile to forget the magnificience of this city, which surely deserves attention on your visit. But, you should also go visit the coast, starting from Iesolo and going far to Lignano Sabbiadoro. It offers every sea lover a long and beautiful sandy beach, which has plenty of beach resorts. Go visit Rosolina beach, for example, which won the Bandiera Blu for the Summer of 2015.


The Province of Treviso is an excellent food location for eating and better living.

If you love wine and Italian “Cicchetti”, you must go to the “Prosecco and Colli of Conegliano Valdobbiadene wine route” in order to taste the famous Prosecco and our local food specialties. Then you must also taste the strong red wine of Piave and those of Colli Asolani and Montello, with sour cheeses (ask for the creamy Casatella or formajo imbriago,) and the fine red radicchio of Treviso and ofCastelfranco. In the same area, you can also find asparagus, cured meats, cherries, chestnuts, mushrooms, and sweets like the delicious Tiramisù.

But there isn’t only wine…the Treviso area is also like heaven for shopping lovers. The Province has plenty of outlets, fashion stores, and big shopping centres.

Villorba has many choices for nightlife lovers. And if you want even more fun, it is easy to reach famous nightclubs or take your chances at the Venice Casino.